GOOD beads
GOOD beads GOOD beads GOOD beads GOOD beads GOOD beads GOOD beads

GOOD beads


With its mystical properties, protective beads have been worshipped and used by our great ancestors. It has been used to ward off evil and disseminates good karma to the wearer. After creating the crowd-pleasing GOOD Amulets, GOODSTUPH saw that it was time for the birth of the GOOD Beads.

Forged in the sacred basements of the best woodcarvers at GoodWood in New York, every piece of the GOOD Amulet has been cleansed by long nights of burning sage to achieve the special quality that differentiates it from the normal lucky charm. Its magical properties will ensure sublimity of the wearer’s mind during Monday mornings or when you are in need of more than a Berocca. Not exactly your average talisman. 

The amulets are available in five different colours: 

• Lime & Blood Wood / The Ingenious Experimentalist 
• Red / The Bold Visionary 
• Black / The Unwavering Mastermind 
• Green / The Powerful Conceptualist 

• A GOODSTUPH Original Product 
• Wooden Pendant intricately laser-cut, measures 0.6 inches (width) x 1 inches (height) 
• Chain measures 7.5 inches, held together with 8mm beads (8 for auspicious reasons)

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