Parking coin purse
Parking coin purse Road Toll coin purse Property coin purse One for each occasion What are you saving for?

A Useful Coin Purse

A dollar coin in your left jeans pocket, a random 50¢ coin at the bottom of your tote bag, and a handful of annoying 10¢ coins you promised yourself to clear out from your glove compartment… last year.

Coins are annoying but a good chunk of them overtime can bring you a little fortune! Dump them into these coin purses according to their reason for existence - for parking, road tolls, and perhaps a property?

With these coin purses, your random coins will be kept out of sight with a new found purpose in Life! Woot!

Designed by GOODSTUPH resident art director, Janice Lin.

• Measures approximately 3-inches in diameter
• Clearly, coin purses will not come with any coins
• Free delivery within Singapore for set of 3 purchases

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