THE DAMN GOOD SHOP is an emporium of childhood memories pursued and curated painstakingly overtime, a proud display of made-in-Singapore products that doesn’t remind you of overpriced souvenirs, and other random goods of happiness that make you smile.

THE DAMN GOOD SHOP also features limited edition produce from its sister company; GOODSTUPH.

THE DAMN GOOD SHOP solely resides online at the moment.

2. What is THE DAMN GOOD SHOP’s operating hours?

Considering that it’s an online shop, whenever you want to visit, really.

3. Where is THE DAMN GOOD SHOP's office?

You can find us at 150 Cantonment Road #01-01, Cantonment Centre, Singapore 089762. 

Only if you really need to.

5. What are my payment options?




For now, only via PayPal (and credit cards) and fund transfer.

6. How long does it take for you to verify my payment?

The awesome thing about PayPal, verification is immediate. An email will be sent to inform you of your payment and order.

7. How long will it take for me to receive my purchase?

For Singapore-based orders, between 5 to 7 working days although if you like, we could always call our friendly courier man at a standard fee of SGD15.00 for express delivery within a day.

8. Will I be refunded if I decide to cancel my order?

Unless you’re saying that you’ve bought a gorgeous pair of vintage sunglasses for your cat that has gone missing, no. We are humans and we have heart… so sometimes, we do make exceptions. Drop us an email and tell us your story at kopiboy@thedamngoodshop.com.

9. How long is the warranty period for?

30 days from the time and date of delivery that is printed on the receipt. Like your Finance lady will always tell you, please keep your receipt so that it will be a hell lot easier for us to assist you if you wish to repair, replace or receive a refund due to defects in the order.

10. What happens if the item/s I have received is/are defective?

Email us a snapshot of the defect area alongside with your receipt at kopiboy@thedamngoodshop.com. We will fully refund you for any occasions whereby damages of goods are caused by no fault of yours. That said, you must report to us on any defect within the warranty period of 30 days.

11. I changed my mind. Can I trade for another item?

Once an item is sold, it will not be exchangeable so please think carefully because making any decisions.

12. Who is Kopiboy?

An honest little kid just trying to make a decent living in this dog-eat-dog world. He gets a little lonely sometimes, so talk to him if you can at:

• Tel: +65.6438.3505
• Email: kopiboy@thedamngoodshop.com
• Twitter: @thedamngoodshop