Mason Jar
Mason Jar Mason Jar Mason Jar

Mason Jar

In 1858, a tin smith from New York City, John Landis Mason, invented the Mason Jar.

By creating a machine that could cut threads into lids, he made it practical to manufacture jars with reusable, screw-on lids. This sealing mechanism of a glass container with a thread molded into its top and a zinc lid with a rubber ring was what made Mason jars superior to its predecessors.

The great ergonomics and affordability of this product meant that home canning became even more popular, not only among farmers, homesteaders and settlers, but also urban families, who began family traditions of canning sauces, pickles, relishes, fruit and tomatoes.

Despite the success of the jars, Mason sold off his patent rights to several different people and died a relatively poor man.

• Price is per jar
• Made in USA

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