Nooka x SBTG Zub Zot 38
Nooka x SBTG Zub Zot 38 Nooka x SBTG Zub Zot 38 Nooka x SBTG Zub Zot 38

Nooka x SBTG Zub Zot 38

Fashion brand Nooka Inc. and SBTG have joined forces to create a limited edition line of customised Nooka products. Part of the line includes this beautiful timepiece featuring a modified zub zot display, with stars representing the hours and a crescent moon on the 12th hour. 

• Millitary Green 38 band with camouflage print and a Red underside
• Gold logo-embossed clasp and case back


The identity Sabotage was created in 2003 by Singaporean artist Mark Ong. Fuelled by his need to create a new look of sneakers, Mark started his career as a hobby sneaker painter, working out of his parents' kitchen.His first claim to fame came after he won a sneaker customizing competition on the Nike Talk Forum. In 2010, after his travels to Mexico, Paris and Manila, Mr Sabotage got inspired to evolve his craft onto a larger canvas. Inspired by traditional hand painted signs, Mark embarked on a new journey as a visual artist with his beloved wife and business partner, Sue.

Nooka is a New York fashion design company founded by artist/designer Matthew Waldman. The ethos of Nooka is universal language, which guides the creation of products with enhanced functionality and a technoprogressive philosophy.

Category: TIME WATCH

Type: Time

Vendor: SBTG

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