Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow


This belongs to SNOOZY's highly popular line of premium fashion socks. It's bold design and striking colours will be the best fashion statement you can make.

Made of materials of the highest quality, this is the best comfort you can provide for your feet.


Material: Cotton: 80%, Polyester: 15%, Lycra: 5%

Size: 230-275mm (Unisex)

Made in Korea


SNOOZY is for the adventurous ones in the constant pursuit of style and individuality. 

They are built upon the idea of having socks speak for an individual's personality, with the help of a range of unique colours and patterns that are less commonly seen in stores. They aim to grow as a fashion icon with a strong influence over various trends and street fashion.

All SNOOZY products are made for comfort and manufactured with great care using the best materials.

SNOOZY remains as a popular global designer brand with it's topnotch knitting technology and sensual designs.

Type: Wearables

Vendor: SNOOZY

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