Taxi On Call Sign

Taxi On Call Sign

This is the one sign everyone loathes to see, unless it's from the taxi he or she has miraculously managed to call for after waiting for a good hour or so.

Before LED screens took over with its painful red light bulbs telling us that the precious taxi we so need is not available, our human eyes were trained to spot the Taxi Uncle’s innocent-looking acrylic sign, hand-sprayed with the ultimate rejection.

Produced by the original acrylic sign maker who turned a ripe old age of 82 this year, we are stoked to acquire ourselves what is possibly the last batch of discontinued Singapore taxi signs.

Now that you have your ride, why not get this sign? We can’t imagine a better way to show the years of unhappiness… politely.

• Authentic Singapore Taxi Sign produced by the original acrylic sign maker
• Hand-sprayed stencil with white paint

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