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Mayday, Mayday
Control is a collection inspired by the history of Aviator sunglasses. Back in the 30s, pilots used specially designed Aviators to shield their eyes from the glare. Therein lies the name for the shape.

As they revisited the Aviators, Mystic Vintage added their own twist by including 70's aesthetics element, focusing on its military roots and even issuing a lightning bolt monogram to match the metal surfaces. 

Such was the birth of this collection.

• Available in Tortoise-shell, Black and Cream
• Engraved on right temples are different lines from Aviation movies
- Tortoise-shell edition:"I feel the need, the need for speed" from Top Gun
- Black edition: "I'm not a stuntman, I'm a flier" from Spirit of St Louis
- Cream edition: "I feel like a little adventure" from The Aviator

Mystic Vintage is the story of three friends Alvin, Jason and San, who share a common love for vintage glasses. With that passion, they decided to put together their prized collection under a label and Mystic Vintage was born. Mystic Vintage is an eyewear brand which carries the finest lineage of iconic and vintage frames.

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