Polaroid Disk Box Set
Polaroid Disk Box Set Polaroid Disk Box Set Coasters for hipsters. This baby is even older that your SAVE icon. Because 3.5 inches is not enough. What would you put on it?

Polaroid Disk

Some of you may be old enough remember what the SAVE symbol stand for – the 3.5 inches high-density diskette, but how about the 5.25 inch floppy disk?

The first 5.25 inch floppy disk was introduced to our world in 1976 by Shugart Associates (no, we don’t know them either). This little boy had its fun, displacing his 8-inch brother for a decent period before his younger brother came along flaunting his 3.5 inch format in 1982.

We could go all technical about the data storage (or the lack of, really) but that's besides the point - these über rare Polaroid diskettes make awesome placemats and coasters, don’t they?

Grab yours before they’re all gone!

• Black Polaroid HD 5.25 inch Floppy Disk with Sleeve
• 2S/2HD Formatted
• Box included for set of 10 only

• Untested simply because we have yet to find a computer with a 5.25 inch floppy disk drive and frankly, if you're buying this to use the disk, we think you've just completely missed the point

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