Smena 6
Smena 6 Meet the Russian Brothers View from the bottom! Each camera comes with its original leather suit.

Smena: Viewfinder 35mm film camera

Let's pay tribute to the the countless cameras that have come and left, replaced by digital cameras taking way too many narcissistic self portraits with silly poses.

Yeah, aren't we all guilty of that?

The Smena lineage translates to Young Generation or Relay in Russian and was introduced in 1953 during the Soviet era.

Part of this lineage include the 35mm Smena clan which features the oh-so-famous colour-bursting Lomo 3 element, topped with 'Triplet lens'. Day or night, the 35mm Smenas will still be your perfect companion thanks to the built-in hotshoe and bulb settings.

In simpler terms, you'll get to enjoy its flash feature together with multiple and long exposures, ideal for any nocturnal activities.

Definitely a lineage worth keeping!

• Estimated era for Smena 6: 1961-1969
• Estimated era for Smena 7: 1969-1971
• Estimated era for Smena 8: 1963 to 1971

• This product has not been tested and is sold as is
• Leather case included

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