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A lifetime of dreaming, a year in planning and sourcing, a month of finally getting our act together to launch our shop.
Welcome everyone, to THE DAMN GOOD SHOP.
THE DAMN GOOD SHOP in short, is an emporium of childhood memories pursued and curated painstakingly overtime, a proud display of made-in-Singapore products that doesn’t remind you of overpriced soulless souvenirs, and other random goods of happiness that make you smile.
THE DAMN GOOD SHOP also features limited edition produce from the GOODSTUPH studio. 
On this note, there are a few local gems we need to thank, for helping us get our act together. They include:
1. BooksActually – Thank you for always being there for us since day one. Thank you for being so down-to-earth in spite of your success (Monocle, dude!)
2. Fabrix – We are so proud of carrying your understated pieces of gorgeous fabrics. You’re laptops’ saving grace. ;)
3. FLABSLAB – Your concepts are jaw-dropping, and your craftsmanship would make a Mason proud. Thank you for giving us our Stone Lions.
4. Mystic Vintage – We have never craved for sunlight until you came about with your whimsical shades. Special thanks to Dee for braving the rain to deliver them shades to us!
5. VANGUARD – The reason why TAKACHIA turns head in the city is all thanks to you and your discerning creations. We’re stoked to have your vintage bicycles in our shop! 
Admittedly, we’re bloody new to this. While it’s nice to feel like a virgin all over again, it’s freaking scary too. We haven’t got any retail experience to brag about, neither have we hired a former Singapore Girl to serve as our sales assistant. That said, we promise you the following:
1. We’ll give our best shot in serving you. We promise we will always try our very best.
2. Being a new brand, there’s bound to be teething issues. We will aim to resolve all teething issues in the shortest span on time. And we promise to reward your patience accordingly.
3. Unreasonable scumbag customers and freeloaders who think we owe you a living will be given the same level of respect. 
Exciting times lie ahead of us. God knows if we’d survive but we’ll do our best to make sure we do. Your feedback on how we can improve would be most, most useful. Drop us a comment or an email, or you can always tweet or Facebook us.
Your humble shop owner,
Pat Law

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