It's almost a month!

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We’re six days away from our first month (baby shower, yo!) would you believe it?

We are so very grateful for the support our local community has given us.

From 8 Days with their generous 4-page spread on an unknown brand like ours, to Honeycombers when we haven’t even got our act together with a proper press release, I-S magazine and Catalog Magazine for sharing the love, our homies plussixfive and TOYSREVIL for always being there for us… and The Straits Times for giving us our first front page coverage ever.

We can’t ask for a better start, really.

We’re learning as we go along – for instance, the local postman is really not as good as we think he is – and we promise you we’ll never use him for delicate items again.

It’s nice too, to have a big enough demand to pull our dearest 82-year-old sign maker Uncle out of retirement to produce more retro Singapore Taxi signs. You should’ve seen the spark in his eyes. It’s nice to see so much life in an elderly man.

So thank you for your support, all you Singapore Taxi sign lovers. We’ve heard your demands and because of you, a dead trade is now coming back to life. Thank you for giving our 82-year-old sign maker his job again.

I’ll interrupt here with a statement to all idiots with a warped sense of active aging – our sign maker Uncle WANTS this job. We didn’t force it upon him. And you know what? We respect him enough not to decide like Gods how he should live his life. Let a man – regardless of age, decides what he wants to do with his life, we say.

Anyways, we’re turning one month in 6 days, so stay tune for something special on that day (storewide discount!). Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter for that something special.

Your humble (but feisty) shop owner,
Pat Law

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